søndag den 23. januar 2011

The birth of my Collection

 This is from Alexander maQueen spring 2007

As I promised earlier, I will know tell you a bit about my collection for The Scandinavian Steampunk Convention.

My leading idea is to use fabric from secondhand cloth and fabric. I will buy as little as possible at the fabric store, this is to keep the projects budget low. I’m not paid for making this collection.

The subject is easy. But how do you make something different in a limited world? My answer to this is, borrow where you can, without copying. 

I looked on the internet for inspiration and found a lot of photos.
Out from these photos I extracted some leading colours for my collection:

Then I looked at some more photos. And wupti, I already have 2 pieces drawn down.
For every piece I make, I will make a matching doll with steampunk/Victorian clothing.

I already have 1 model, my big sister Sophie. She is petit and should wear a dress, which makes her look higher.  Because I’m not a professional I can’t afford to be picky. So everyone in the size 34-40 is welcome to ask if they could be a model. My only wish is to see a well looking photography of them. You can post a link her at the blog if you are interested. There won’t be any paying. But I will think of something nice for my models

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