onsdag den 2. februar 2011

Japanese doll in Victorian style

For about a year ago I found a pattern and a guide for a Japanese cloth doll. I already then set my mind to make this doll in a Victorian/steampunk look.
Except from the poorly translated page, it is an easy pattern with a good photo instruction.
So now, after 3 hours I’ve made the arms and legs. I really find it exiting to try out new stuff, and especially when I can use it for my passion: steampunk.
As I’ve already have told, I have a greater passion for liveroleplaying. This is also one of the reasons for this project. I am going to use it, for a character as a doll maker.
Further down is the homepage for the doll I am trying to make. You can find a PDF and try it out for yourself. Unfortunally is crafting items and fabric very expensive in Denmark. So this forces me to take up a new challenge. I will sew the cloth for doll in second hand clothing. A cheap and nature saving way of crafting.