mandag den 24. januar 2011

International languages month - Febuary

My fellow blogger, Miss Kagashi, has provided the me with a challenge. This challenge is to learn a languages in one month. Not to its perfection, but just so you try something new.
Here are the rules, as she wrote them:

1. No google translate, babelfish, or other translation websites for help. Not only is this cheating, but a lot of times the syntax is wrong and boy, will you look a fool.

2. You must learn correct (or as close as you can manage if you have difficulties) pronounciation- it's wonderful that you can say "C'est tres bon", but not so much if you say it "Kest tress bone".

3. You must learn 100 vocabulary words- please try to avoid cognates, those are easy!

4. You may not learn a variation on your own primary tongue- so no British English/American English. Yes, as different as European French and Quebecois is, the structure is still similar and gives you an advantage. The ONLY exception to this are official language variations of sign language. (For example, if you speak English and are American, you may learn American Sign Language and still be within the rules. My hat goes off to you- learning to sign is quite difficult, I've tried.)
5. I'm sorry geeks- but fantasy or science fiction constructed languages are not allowed within this event, this includes: Elvish (Sindarin AND Quenya), Klingon, Dwarvish, Naavi, or the Divine Language (.... Leeloo multipass?).

6. In the spirit of this blog however, Esperanto is completely allowed. For the unfamiliar: Esperanto was invented in the 1880s as an uncomplicated and non-violent language for everyone to learn which would, in hope, bring about peace and understanding. If there ever was a steampunk language, I suppose!

7. Your vocabulary can only include a maximum of two expletives and furthermore they have to be ones actually used in the language, not translated from your primary tongue. Sorry, all.

8. At the end of February, upload a video to youtube of you making the following introduction from memory- feel free to be creative and fun with your videos! Be sure to place a transcript of what you've said in the description, along with a translation if you so choose.

When you upload your video, make sure:
-It has the tags: multiculturalism, steampunk, and GLLC
-It has "My Great Language Learning Challenge" and then the language you learned as the title. (So mine would be: My Great Language Learning Challenge: Georgian.)
-There is a link back to this blog post in the description so people know what the hell you're on about.

The Questions:

-Greeting of your choice (in the plural, to be specific)
-My name is _____
-I have learned (language of choice).  (Yes, we're bringing TENSES into this.)
-I am from (your city/town, state/province, and country of origin)
-I am a(n) (occupation)
-I like (list at least four hobbies, sports, or other things you enjoy)
-My favorite food is ______.
-My favorite book is ______.
-What was you favorite vocabulary word?
-Finally, answer this question- Are you going to learn more?

9. When viewing another participant's video, please be open-minded and courteous. People are putting themselves out there by learning a new language and unveiling the results for the world to see, so if their accent is off or they misconjugated slightly, be nice and helpful rather than derisive or negative. This month is meant to get people interested in learning and appreciating different languages, so let's be encouraging folks!

10. Have fun with your video- because the participant who makes the most creative or fun entry wins a special prize! A custom-made Central Asian style hat by Miss Kagashi herself! Think of how dashing and warm you'll look! If the winner happens to be vegan or have issues with real (recycled from vintage coats) fur, faux fur can be easily substituted.

I have chosen to learn Icelandic, because I always have loved the Icelandic people and their history.

søndag den 23. januar 2011

The birth of my Collection

 This is from Alexander maQueen spring 2007

As I promised earlier, I will know tell you a bit about my collection for The Scandinavian Steampunk Convention.

My leading idea is to use fabric from secondhand cloth and fabric. I will buy as little as possible at the fabric store, this is to keep the projects budget low. I’m not paid for making this collection.

The subject is easy. But how do you make something different in a limited world? My answer to this is, borrow where you can, without copying. 

I looked on the internet for inspiration and found a lot of photos.
Out from these photos I extracted some leading colours for my collection:

Then I looked at some more photos. And wupti, I already have 2 pieces drawn down.
For every piece I make, I will make a matching doll with steampunk/Victorian clothing.

I already have 1 model, my big sister Sophie. She is petit and should wear a dress, which makes her look higher.  Because I’m not a professional I can’t afford to be picky. So everyone in the size 34-40 is welcome to ask if they could be a model. My only wish is to see a well looking photography of them. You can post a link her at the blog if you are interested. There won’t be any paying. But I will think of something nice for my models

Steampunk convention for the Nordic/Scandinavian Countrys

At the well known forum called Brass Goggle, has a Swedish girl conformed that she will arrange a Steampunk Convension for the Nordic countries, counted Sweden, Denmark and Norway (perhaps Finland?). The first convention will take place in late summer/early autumn 2012.

This I quit a sensation. Mostly because there have never been everything like this in Scandinavia.
I look forward to this event and have already announced that I will make a Fashion show, whit Steampunk inspired everyday cloth. I will tell you all about my concept later; this post is to honor the initiative of “Micki” from Sweden. I hope you will carry your ideas and dreams through.

I have already posted a note on the official board for the convention, about which expectations I have. There are quite high.
I imagine a logistically god location, with access to bath facilities and kitchen. Because it is being held in Sweden, it must at least be held over a weekend: Friday to Sunday. This gives Denmark and Norway a good possibility of participating. Although it must be easy to access with bus, car and train and not to far away from neither Denmark nor Norway.
There should be given an award for the best dressed steamer and invention. Contests are a must. People can run for a prize by writing a short story, painting/drawing and fashion making.
How to raise money for this is by every year on the conventions make an auction. Volunteers put some of their work for auction (paintings, costuming, books), you can perhaps get some sponsors to donate some goods for the auction? This money will go to prizes and so on. Maybe make a lottery for the uncreative, you can buy a lottery ticket and winner will announce at Sunday noon.

If you are interested in a Steampunk Convention go and check out the bords:,28408.0.html

and blog:


torsdag den 20. januar 2011

A new/old steam blog in English

Hallo to all the fellow steam-punkers in the world. If you, as I, is interested in the world Queen Victoria and the invention of steam you have come the right place.
I am a Danish lady, who has already started a blog in Danish. But after my old email was hacked and destroyed I had no hope to restore it. So thought, why not make one in English. I will excuse myself for the poor grammar, please be kind.
I try restore some of the old post from the old blog, but translate it to English.

My main interest in Steampunk is fashion, books, movies, hobby and LARP (live roleplaying). I hope I caught your interest, see you soon!