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Steampunk convention for the Nordic/Scandinavian Countrys

At the well known forum called Brass Goggle, has a Swedish girl conformed that she will arrange a Steampunk Convension for the Nordic countries, counted Sweden, Denmark and Norway (perhaps Finland?). The first convention will take place in late summer/early autumn 2012.

This I quit a sensation. Mostly because there have never been everything like this in Scandinavia.
I look forward to this event and have already announced that I will make a Fashion show, whit Steampunk inspired everyday cloth. I will tell you all about my concept later; this post is to honor the initiative of “Micki” from Sweden. I hope you will carry your ideas and dreams through.

I have already posted a note on the official board for the convention, about which expectations I have. There are quite high.
I imagine a logistically god location, with access to bath facilities and kitchen. Because it is being held in Sweden, it must at least be held over a weekend: Friday to Sunday. This gives Denmark and Norway a good possibility of participating. Although it must be easy to access with bus, car and train and not to far away from neither Denmark nor Norway.
There should be given an award for the best dressed steamer and invention. Contests are a must. People can run for a prize by writing a short story, painting/drawing and fashion making.
How to raise money for this is by every year on the conventions make an auction. Volunteers put some of their work for auction (paintings, costuming, books), you can perhaps get some sponsors to donate some goods for the auction? This money will go to prizes and so on. Maybe make a lottery for the uncreative, you can buy a lottery ticket and winner will announce at Sunday noon.

If you are interested in a Steampunk Convention go and check out the bords: 


and blog:



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  1. Yay, härligt! Jag hoppas att det kommer att uppmärksammas! Och tack för länken på din sida också! ;)

  2. Det er intet problem. Jeg vil hellere end gerne hjælpe til. Men afstanden gør det desværre en del kompliceret.